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White SUn

Sol Branco

Here I show how the Sun - now the 6th Sun of the Age of Flowers - has changed over the years. Heralding now the New Age, where it's White and Bright light will cause a blooming of flowers of all kinds and manifestations.


In 2004 I got my first digital camera! And with that fresh hobby I started to take pictures of various subjects, but interestingly enough mainly of Flowers (it seemed that I had an intuitive understanding of all the prophecies that I have explained through the site), as you are able to see on the Contact section of the site.


More interesting to notice was that in all the somewhat varied photography interest subjects, with my devotion to Flowers as the main one, the pictures that I had of the then Yellow Sun was taken mostly on the 11th of September of either year of 2004 or 2005.


So I share with you guys on the left column, the pictures as I artistically enhanced them through Photoshop back in 2004/2005. You will know how the pictures were presented by me to various virtual communities. What have I in fact done with the pictures? In the photos of the right column I used the same layers that Photoshop had in the files of the photos of the left column. I just copy and pasted the layers of the left ones in the files of the right ones.


For those who do not understand how Photoshop works, it is basically based on layers upon layers of image creative control. You have colour adjustments layers that can make a photograph looks all blue, if you play with the right layers of adjustments.


It is kind of a Pancake Festival where they stack up different pancakes of different functions and flavours.


Having said that, I then used the same layers found on the old 2004 left side pictures, to the recent 2012 right sided ones. In other words: the pictures of the right should look exact the same in colour schemes to the ones on the left column, because I used the layers of the old pictures as they were and applied their properties on the layers of the new images of 2012.


You will notice that the right side pictures do not have the ability to display the darker tones of orange, let alone reds. The yellow that you see on the right-side pictures, are very very light, due to the nature of the White Bright New 6th Sun - The Sun of Age of Flowers!


But all of that can be seen only in the thumbnail pictures... When you click on the photo-thumbs, they will pop-up the original images as the camera registered them in the moment. All were taken using the automatic mode (Auto) found in all digital cameras.


As you click on them you will be get a side-by-side comparison of the Old Yellow Sun with our New White and Bright Sun.