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Heliokinesis is my most cherished 'super-power' that the channellings of extra-terrestrials said we would be getting as 21st of December of 2012 approached.


And indeed it was... Since last year, in the beginnings of 2012, my ability to make the Sun exude violet rays has taken place.


Those who don't know, St. Germain is considered the master of the Violet Ray! And indeed that is what I experience when I look into the Sun and ask it to bath the planet with the Transfiguration Violet Ray.

The pictures I took unfortunately do not do justice to what I have had seen since the beginning of last year.  The regular digital SLR cameras do not register the Violet Rays as they appear in the sky. What we are able to see, with the Ultra Violet filter, are very dark pictures of the bright day Sun.  ...Just try to visualize the beautiful St. Germain's violet rays as you look through them!


Later in 2013 when I bought full-spectrum cameras that supposedly are able to register the full-spectrum of light, also did not yield great results. The actual best results seem to have been with the UV filter attached to the regular SLR digital camera, instead of the full-spectrum ones – and last year when the Sun was not so bright as it is nowadays (which diminished visible violet rays a lot due to its bright intensity).


The best results are shared with you guys here! I will try to visually translate what I really experienced when taking those pictures and video recordings.

St. Germain.jpg

St. Germain

In order to have the best, most truthful results, I did not alter in anyway the pictures here shared. All were taken - and shown - with the camera's Auto settings.  

If if you follow from the start of the pictures to the end, you will see the progression of the Sun during these recordings. So attention to each photo is paramount.


Enjoy the pictures!