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Corpo Cristalino

Crystalline Body

Ascension means not only the transformation of consciousness, but also the transformation of our physical bodies from carbon based to silicon based structures. We are becoming Crystalline. Which means we will become semitranslucent.


Lord Metatron, in one channeling decribe the process as this:

...The physical matrix of humanity will symbiotically evolve,

as a direct result, into formats that embed and

spawn greater abilities to retain morphic coded light.

The body will become a source of light appearing semi-translucent,

less fixed in density, mass and gravity.

Humans will physically evolve from carbon based life to silicon base.

It is crystalline Illumination, for silicon is unique

in its crystalline symbiosis to light itself.

The transformation of our bodies from Carbon based to Crystalline is the starting point of the creation of our Light Body, when the reception, absorption and emission of light coming out of the loving source of Prime Creator, which is permeating everywhere and everything, shall become easier to achieve.


All-That-Is in its never ending wisdom granted for the first time in all Universes the Ascension of our multi-dimensional selves with our physical bodies. So that we can, for the first time ever, co-create Heaven on Earth with its loving support and guidance.


The physical sensations that I am feeling now with my whole body, since the 21st of December of 2012, I believe will become also a common occurrence in the coming years. As we move forward in Time, our transformations will become more visible and distinguishable. Singularly and collectively. In one upward Ascension experience.


In Harmony and Peace!


And so it is.




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