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Cloudbursting is a known Aerokinesis (2015: the correct term now is Atmokinesis) phenomenon that some people are able to master. Last year, 2012, was the year that I started to notice that I possessed some until then unknown abilities. One of them is Aerokinesis  (Atmokinesis). More than cloudbursting, since I can now also make them unify themselves in a cloud formation.


Here are some pictures that display my cloudbursting abilities. I do not have pictures of me making the clouds materializing, but I have plenty of cloudbursting pictures. I gave up a bit on it since discovering my Heliokinesis ability because I think it is more beneficial for the Planet as a whole than simple cloudbursting.


Atmokinesis is very easy to do once you get the hang of it. The tiredness that you feel in the initial stages of your ability goes away with a few weeks of practice. Yes, it is really tiresome to your body at the initial stages. However, it is very uplifting to make them disappear with your thoughts, and thoughts only.


Click on each set of pictures and press the arrows to make the pictures advance or return. Each picture is date and time stamped.


These abilities will become more and more common as we advance in our Planetary Ascension Process.

You can try this at home!
No danger involved at all... Only joy!
Focus on one, and ask for it to disappear!