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I show the results of my 'super-power' in making the Sun emanate violet rays. However, it was very difficult feat to register it, since the cameras do not capture the rays with fidelity. But some results can be seen with regular Ultra Violet filter, a common accessory to most photographic cameras with exchangeable lenses. Metatron's Cube for example.

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Aerokinesis (2015: Atmokinesis is the real term)

Here I show my 'super-power' of making clouds disappear with my thoughts. Nowadays I can also make clouds unify but I have yet to record such feats. You can take my word for it while you enjoy the pictures of the clouds going 'poof' in the skies! Now (2015) I've learned that the proper term is Atmokinesis, because it affects not the air, but the atmosphere. Aerokinesis changes the air.

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Crystalline Body

I show how the promised by the 'aliens' semi-translucid, crystalline body is manifesting so far in our physical reality.

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White SUN

You will be able to see the transformation of the Yellow Old 5th Sun to the completely Bright White New 6th Sun.

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Sundogs are a naturally occurring phenomenon. I bring attention to its existence and proliferation fulfilling now ages old prophecies.

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A lighter side, showing my creativity making sounds out of nothing, only my creativity and the computer.

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If you guys enjoy the site, I can in the future share many pictures of interesting cloud formations leading up to December 21st of 2012. I don't know how you will like the material shared here, so this section will come up under request. If interest is shown, I will share! I didn't wanna bother you guys with my private obsession...


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My close encounters of the first kind.

There are a lot of sites that explain what Ascension of New Earth is in details. Or sites that explain Ascension and the Precession of the Equinoxes, with its cycles of 26000 thousand years and its importance of the date of 21st of December of 2012 (that the exterminated through massacre native cultures of past knew about). As well as sites that detail the Ascension Symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, high blood pressure, weight gain, tiredness, cold and flu symptoms. They are all over the net. In detail, as I said.


What I then tried to do with this site is a more visual approach that tries to semi-scientifically prove all those channelled messages that state that we are physically collectively ascending from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension now past the year of 2012. Not the end of the world as stated in the main stream shallow media, but its Ascension Process. All in a very visual way, if I may...


So my site tries to be a visual corroboration of our future as a Collective of Fifth Dimensional Ascended Beings!


If you hover above the top right hand pull down menu, under the English heading, you all will find the following information:

You all just need to press Contact in the menu heading, send me a message and let me know!


I also want to share that I had two encounters with an orb of light instead of one, as you will see under the UFO menu heading. I was bicycling, crying about My Life As A Dog in Brazil when I saw the orb of light for the first time! So, there are only two possibilities: it was either a military hologram, or it was of extraterrestrial origin and it somehow knew that I was crying... A woman saw it with me! However, I could not take any pictures...


What I would like to point out then, it is the nature of the encounter. It was the most spiritual. Very touching. Very beautiful. In complete and harsh contrast with all the mainstream movies that we see coming out of Hollywood, where aliens are painted as horrible invaders of the planet Earth! Destroying everything that is supposedly to represent civilization...


Another point I would like to bring into attention is the fact that most of the pictures of my Heliokinesis power register mere minutes to between the different states of the Sun (as you all can notice by the time stamps of each photo in that menu heading). If the Sun's light takes about 8 minutes to reach Earth, how come I can achieve that in much, much less minutes?


If you guys know, please let me know! I am super curious for the explanation!


Enjoy the site then, with its sounds and visuals!